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上犹县医院医生名单龙源坝中心卫生院做血常规检查赣南片区好的妇科医院 Last post for disabled people? A disabled woman from Hastings says she's being discriminated against because her local post office is earmarked for closure.The Channel 4 News has learned that the government amended legislation which would have forced it to take account the needs of disabled people just weeks before announcing that thousands of post offices were closed. The department of work and pensions haven't offered an explanation for this change. But campaigners say it is illegal, and they are taking the government to court. Katie Razzall has the exclusive report from the battlefield in Hastings.107.8 Arrow FM, news for Hastings and 1066 Country.A Hastings' couple will learn next week if their legal challenge against post office closures could lead to a U-turn.Jonathan Coe's wife is disabled. She is too distressed about her condition to appear on television. But on Monday London's High Court will hear her lawyer's argue that closing her local post office is against the law."I thought it was an absolutely incomprehensible decision and that made me quite cross on behalf of my wife and indeed my mother-in-law."The Disability Discrimination Act includes a list of organizations that have a duty to promote quality for the disabled. Just a month before the Royal Mail announced it planned to shut 2500 branches, it was removed from that list--the only organization ever to be taken off."It's very difficult for groups of disabled people to bring this kind of legislation to the Statute book. But then to suddenly discover that on a whim, a minister has decided that no longer will this particular law apply to the Royal Mail is, frankly, an outrage."Mr. Coe's wife can't walk or stand for long periods, having a post office close by ensures she doesn't have to. Her lawyer argues that the then-secretary of state for Work and Pensions John Harten was wrong to exempt the Royal Mail."And it's outside of his powers given to him by Parliament. He was allowed to pass regulations to promote disability quality. He was not allowed to pass regulations to relax the obligations on public authorities, to do just that.""And there's no seats, you have to stand."Royal Mail is more than halfway through its national closure program. It loses four million pounds a week and says many of the services it used to provide are now offered online in three banks. 49 branches have aly shut in Sussex in the attempt to make Royal Mail more sustainable, including this former sub post office on the seafront. There're many locals still don't realize it.These pensioners combined age of 1023 rely on that branch for paying bills, getting money and benefits, more than just a place to buy stamps. For them, the post office is a public service. Their new branch is too far for many of them to attempt."Because I can't cope with it anymore, and I get a bit frightened when you carry money, you know, too far.""It's taken away independence from a large number of elderly and disabled people in this area, and it seems to me that the government is always wanting elderly people to remain independent, to stay in their own homes, and that's what's happened, it's taken away the independence of people.""Well I thought I'll test how long it takes me to get to the new post office, 9 minutes past 4......Hastings' post office, I've made at it, in 7 minutes, and I was walking pretty fast."Royal Mail says it may provide a reduced service nearby when Mr. Coe's post office shuts. If the couple win their case, its plan to close more branches across the country will be in doubt. The government told Channel 4 News it doesn't believe it.200811/55308Need for Aid Rises as Insurgents Reach Outskirts of Somali Capital索马里冲突升级 人道危机加重 The International Committee of the Red Cross announced that it is increasing food and other assistance for over 400,000 people displaced by violence in south and central Somalia. The announcement comes as Islamist insurgents continue an advance towards the capital, Mogadishu. 国际红十字会宣布对索马里南部和中部受暴力活动影响而流离失所的40多万人增加食品和其它援助。与此同时,伊斯兰叛乱分子继续向索马里首都加迪沙进军。The ICRC's Somalia relief coordinator, Mathias Frese, said the organization will have tripled its food aid to Somalia from 2007 to 2008. The recent escalation in fighting, along with continued drought, have worsened what U.N. officials had aly called Africa's worst humanitarian crisis. 国际红十字会的救助协调官员弗雷泽说,红十字会2008年的食品援助将比2007年增加两倍。最近的冲突升级,加上持续的旱灾,加重了这场联合国官员所说的非洲最严重的人道危机。On Thursday, Islamist insurgents entered Elasha, a settlement of displaced people fewer than 20 kilometers from Mogadishu. 星期四,伊斯兰叛乱分子进入埃拉沙,那里是一个安置流离失所的人的营地,距离加迪沙不到20公里。Resident Jama'a Abdirahman told VOA that the Islamists left as Ethiopian troops, retreating from the town of Afgoye to the west, passed through on their way to Mogadishu. He said that members of the government militia that had controlled the town had returned, but that members of the radical Islamist al-Shabab militia, as well as fighters from other Islamist factions were still in the area. 那里的一个居民阿布迪拉赫曼告诉美国之音,在向加迪沙撤退的埃塞俄比亚军队经过阿弗戈耶镇向西撤退以后,伊斯兰分子也走了。他说,虽然控制这个镇的政府民兵又回来了,但是伊斯兰极端主义民兵“圣战”组织的成员以及其他伊斯兰派系的武装分子仍然在这个地区活动。On Wednesday al-Shabab took control of the port town of Merka, to the south. The transitional government, backed by Ethiopian troops, remains in control of Mogadishu, and the town of Baidoa, where the parliament is based, and has soldiers in Afgoye. But insurgents now hold much of the rest of south and central Somalia. 星期三,“圣战”组织夺取了南边的港口城镇梅尔卡。受埃塞俄比亚军队持的过渡政府仍然控制着加迪沙和议会所在地白朵阿镇,并且在阿弗戈耶驻有部队。但是叛乱分子目前占据了索马里南部和中部其它大部分地区。Ethiopia had agreed to withdraw its forces from urban centers as part of a peace agreement with a moderate faction of the insurgency, but the rebel advance may change those plans. If Ethiopian troops remain, however, their presence will continue to be a major grievance and rallying cry for the insurgency. 埃塞俄比亚同意从各个城市的中心撤出军队,这是和叛乱集团中的温和派系达成的和平协议的一部分内容。但是,叛乱分子的推进行动可能改变这些计划。如果埃塞俄比亚军队仍然留在都市中心,叛乱力量会继续以外国驻军为主要声讨内容,继续以此聚集力量。Meanwhile, the escalation in fighting has increased the numbers of Somalis fleeing across the border into Kenya. The U.N. refugee agency has echoed calls from Human Rights Watch, for increased attention to the influx. Emmanuel Nyabera, a spokesman for UNHCR in Nairobi, said the organization had asked the Kenyan government to construct a fourth refugee camp at Dadaab, along the border. 与此同时,冲突升级造成更多索马里人越过边界逃到肯尼亚。联合国难民署表达了人权观察组织同样的呼声,请求加强对逃难潮的关注。联合国难民事务高级专员公署在内罗毕的发言人尼亚贝拉说,难民署已经请求肯尼亚政府在边界一带的达达阿布建立第4个难民营。"We are extremely concerned about the situation in Dadaab refugee camp, because the camp is extremely overcrowded. The three camps that were supposed to accommodate around 90,000 refugees are currently accommodating around 224,000 people," said Nyabera. "We are currently receiving around 6,000 new asylum seekers every month. We are not in a position to give services to these people in a dignified manner." 尼亚贝拉说:“我们极为关切达达阿布难民营的状况,因为这个难民营过于拥挤。本来只能接纳9万难民的那3个难民营目前接纳了22万4千人。我们目前每个月接纳大约6000个新的寻求避难的人。我们无法正常地为这些人务。”The fighting has also hampered aid efforts inside the country, where attacks on aid workers have increased in recent months, and both sides have been accused of disrupting aid deliveries. Abdirahman, at the Elasha camp, said that the World Food Program had increased deliveries since Islamist fighters dismantled government checkpoints in the area.  战斗还妨碍了在索马里的援助努力。在索马里,对援助人员的袭击最近几个月有所增加,双方都被指责扰乱运送援助物资。阿布迪拉赫曼在埃拉沙难民营说,自从伊斯兰武装分子拆除了政府检查站以来,世界粮食计划署增加了援助物资的运送。Aid deliveries have also been restricted by insecurity along Somalia's coastline, which has seen a proliferation of hijacked ships in recent months. On Thursday night, a Chinese boat with 24 crew members was captured off the coast of southern Somalia. 援助物资的运送还受到索马里海岸线一带不安全局势的约束。最近几个月,那里有大量船只被抢劫。The European Union agreed last week to supply ships for a naval operation to combat piracy off Somalia's coast. 欧洲联盟上个星期同意提供军舰参加打击索马里近海海盗的海军行动。200811/56182赣州仁济不孕不育看效果怎么样

寻乌医院不孕不育科你还记得你上次写信是什么时候的事情了吗?我指用信纸写的那种,不是e-mail.现在写信问候朋友和亲人的人越来越少了,大多数人是选择打个电话,发条短信或者发个邮件...但是精美的信封和信纸自有其吸引力,所以绝对不会被人所遗忘。07/77596信丰县小江中心卫生院妇科挂号 New York renamed top fashion capital but Asia sashays inNew York has reclaimed the title of the world's top fashion capital from Milan but the annual poll suggested the top five fashion cities are seeing competition from Asia and Australia.New York had reigned as top fashion city for five years until Milan took the lead last year in the list compiled by the Global Language Monitor, a US based non-profit group that tracks the frequency of words and phrases in the media, on the Internet and throughout the blogosphere.But with the US economy recovering, New York once again took the top spot followed by Hong Kong, London, Paris and Los Angeles.Rounding out the top 10 were Milan, Sydney, Miami, Barcelona and Madrid."As the global fashion industry adjusted to the new economic reality, New York rebounded to the No. 1 spot it has now held for six of the last seven years," said Bekka Payack, the Manhattan-based fashion correspondent for the Global Language Monitor."This year's list of the top fashion capitals, shows the global fashion industry remaining in flux, with the relative decline of some of the previously leading players and formerly regional players emerging as significant new influences."She said that in perhaps a harbinger of things to come, this was the first analysis where the traditional big five fashion cities -- New York, Paris, London, Milan, and Rome -- did not dominate the global fashion scene.The biggest movers in the list were Hong Kong, Madrid and Melbourne.The group said that the top newcomers to the expanded list included Amsterdam at number 17, Cape Town and Johannesburg at 23 and 25 respectively and Vienna at No. 27.Following are the 10 top fashion capitals of 2010 and the change from the rankings1. New York (up 1)2. Hong Kong (up 5)3. London (up 2)4. Paris ( down 1)5. Los Angeles (up 1)6. Milan (down 5)7. Sydney (up 2)8. Miami (up 5)9. Barcelona (up 5)10. Madrid (up 11)Vocabulary:a harbinger of things to come: something will happen in the furture(某事将要发生)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111492南康市中医院陈医生

赣州兴国妇幼保健院开展无痛人流吗The European Space Agency’s deep space probe Rosetta transmitted high-resolution images of an asteroid millions of miles from Earth. Rosetta caught up with the Steins Asteroid Friday night in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Unfortunately, shortly before its closest flyby at five hundred miles, Rosetta’s narrow angle camera stopped working. Officials at the ESA were not sure exactly what caused the camera to fail. According to the mission manager, a wide-angle camera was able to take pictures and send them to the space center, adding that the overall outlook for the data was good. The Rosetta craft, launched in March, 2004, is now reportedly about 250 million miles from Earth. A roughly three-mile-diameter Steins Asteroid is being studied for keys that could help unlock some of the mysteries about the creation of the Solar System. ( “ I think it's a typical asteroid and asteroids are very irregular bodies, and particularly the smaller ones, they are extremely irregular, and the amazing thing seems to be that there is still one body more or less, and because the craters are very defined, some of them are very ,very defined, but maybe it's crushed, and I want to say, and there is , if you look at the sizes of the craters, then most of the interior of the asteroid may be crushed, we have to investigate this”) According to the Associated Press, data from Rosetta’s working camera was being processed in Southern Germany, while further infrared data collected by the probe was being analyzed in Rome. “I think it whets our appetite for the next things to come. It looks like we get really something out of that mission. It is a… I ‘m very pleased that it works so well.” Glossary1. deep space: any region in space outside the solar system2. asteroid: 小行星3. crater: 凹陷处4. defined: 轮廓分明5. whet the appetite: 吊胃口,激起兴趣200812/59838 Mumbai's Children Cope With Terror Attacks孟买恐怖袭击后学生复课心有余悸  With schools closed during the terror attacks in Mumbai, many of the city's children stayed indoors during the three-day siege, watching tragedy unfold on television. Now that schools have opened, some children are finding it difficult to focus on their studies, but many are glad to be back to the comfort of routines. 孟买遭遇恐怖袭击期间,学校被迫关闭。这座城市的儿童在3天的围困时间里,在家中通过电视了解正在里发生的悲剧。现在学校已经复课,一些孩子感到自己难以集中精神学习,但是许多儿童还是很高兴回到日常的快乐生活。Here at the Bharada New High School, the classrooms are once again alive with the sound of children. There are about 1,500 students at this school. It is across the street from Mumbai's main railway station, where gunmen launched attacks that killed 174 people and wounded more than 230 others in the city's longest-running terror attack.  在巴拉达新高中,学生的声音让教室里再次充满了活力。这所学校有大约1千500名学生,座落在孟买主要火车站的对面。手就是在这座车站发起的这场导致174人死亡、230多人受伤的袭击。这也是发生在这个城市历时最长的一次恐怖袭击。Pooja Kumar, the school's principal, said, "Even the grownups are not feeling very normal. I also come by the [rail] station and, even as I was putting my foot down on the platform, there was some apprehension. A number of our children come that way. They must have also felt the same way I feel." 学校的校长普贾.库马尔说:“就算成年人都觉得有些不大正常。我也是乘火车来的,连我踏上站台的时候,都有些害怕。我们这里有一些孩子也是坐火车来的。他们可能有和我一样的感觉。”"It is like I cannot concentrate on any of my work," said Shweta Singh, a 16-year-old senior at the school. "Now, I am feeling that I want to go home because that is the only safe places for us. God knows what will happen tomorrow." 16岁的什维塔.辛格是学校的毕业年级的学生。她说:“我好像没有办法把精神集中在功课上。我现在就想回家,因为对我们来说,那里是唯一安全的地方。天知道明天又会发生什么事。”Fifteen-year-old Maiz Indorewala says he is finding comfort in the familiar routines of school. He says being back in school helps him cope by keeping him from dwelling on the attacks. He also says going back to school sends a message to those who carried out the attack against the city. 15岁的马伊斯说,他对回到学校的日常生活感觉还是挺惬意的,因为在学校里他可以不去多想袭击的事。他还说,返校也给那些发动袭击的人传达出一个信息。"I was very afraid, with all the violence and bloodshed, that make our minds fearful right now. We have to show them that we are not afraid of them. We show them that we are back at work and at schools and offices," he said. 他说:“我对所有的暴力和血腥都感到非常害怕。那让我们现在都还感到恐惧。但我们要让他们看到我们不怕他们,我们回到工作、学校和办公室里来了。”As with many other principals at the more than 400 schools across the city, Kumar says she has been busier than usual, on the school's intercom, trying to maintain calm and to reassure the children that they are safe. 库马尔说,和这个城市400多所学校中的许多校长一样,她现在比起往常更忙。她试图保持冷静,并且安抚孩子们,告诉他们这里是安全的。"My message to the children - I'm going to make an announcement to the children and ask them not to be afraid. Nothing is going to happen. Just be brave. Whatever has to happen will happen one day. Life has to go on. Children have to study. We have to earn our b. Everyone has to go back to work," Kumar said.  库马尔说:“我准备给孩子们发一个通告,告诉他们不要害怕,没有事,要勇敢。该发生的事早晚都会发生,但生活还得继续。孩子们必须学习。我们也得挣钱养家。每个人都要回到工作中去。”On a chalkboard on the entrance hall of the school, some of the day's news headlines are written out in white chalk, in perfect cursive script. One of them s, "Police question the captured gunman." Another s, "Mumbai back to life," punctuated by a smiley-face sun. 在学校门口的黑版上,用白色粉笔以漂亮的花体字写着当天的重要新闻提要。其中一条写着:“警察审问被捕手。”另一条是:“孟买重现生机,”用一个展现笑脸的太阳作标点符号。200812/57898赣县妇幼保健院产前检查好吗赣州于都医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗



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