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太仓哪家妇科医院正规江苏太仓妇科整形多少钱Keeping the stress away from your life isn’t just about the big things and decisions. It is also about the small things. About what you do and do not do from day to day.让生活远离压力并不只是和大事儿及决策有关。它也和小事儿有关。和你每天做什么以及不做什么有关。Those small daily – helpful or unhelpful – habits add up very quickly over the weeks and can be the difference between being focused and feeling good about life or not being able to sleep or work properly and enjoy your life as much as you could.这些每天的小习惯——有益的或无益的——一周一周累积地非常快,正是它们有可能让你的生活有所不同。你可能享受生活并感觉良好,也可能无法入睡或无法正常工作,更不用提尽可能地享受生活了。In this article I’d like to share 10 small habits that have had a huge positive effect in my life and that protects me from both the stress out there in the world and the stress I can cause myself.在这篇文章中,我想和大家分享10个小习惯,这些习惯对我的生活起到了很大的积极影响,让我远离世界上本来就有的压力以及自己导致的压力。1. One thing at a time.一次只做一件事It is often tempting to multi-task to get things done quicker. But every time I feel that impulse I remind myself that in the past I have actually gotten better results, been able to focus more sharply and had less stress in my mind and body when I single-tasked. And so I continue to do one thing at a time.多任务处理往往很诱人,好像能让人更快地把事情做完。但是每当我有那种冲动时,我就会提醒自己,过去当我单任务处理时,结果更好,我更专注,头脑、身体的压力更少。所以我继续一次只做一件事情。2. Just write it all down.把它写下来。Trying to remember every idea, meeting and so on is not the best use of your mind.尝试记住每个想法、会议等等并不能最好地利用你的大脑。And if your memory is anything like mine then you may lose many ideas if they are not captured pretty quickly. So just write all of your good or great ideas, insights and thoughts down to keep them safe and to unload your mind.如果你的和我差不多,那要是你不很快的把想法捕捉下来,它们很快就会溜走。 所以把好的主意、看法和想法都写下来,保它们记录下来,减轻大脑的负担。3. Don’t guess. Ask.不要去猜。去问。Trying to minds usually don’t go so well at all. So instead, just communicate and ask.读心术并不是那么好用。取而代之,去和他人沟通并加以询问。By doing so you promote openness in your relationships in the long run and that will also help you to minimize unnecessary conflicts, misunderstandings, negativity and waste or time and energy.这样做,从长远的角度上来说可以提高关系间的开放性, 那也会帮你减少不必要的冲突、误解、消极情绪以及时间和能量的浪费。4. Keep everything in its place.把东西放在固定的位置上。If everything has its place then your home and workspace will have a more calming effect and it will be less stressful to find those important papers or your keys and wallet as you are heading out to catch the next bus.如果东西都有固定的位置,那么你的家和工作地点会有更好的镇定效果,当你赶车时去找重要文件或钥匙、钱包时压力就不会那么大了。5. Set clear daily time-limits for your work.每天为工作设定明确的时间限制This has been so important for me to not get lost in the very stressful grey zone and to not think about my business and this blog after my workday is done.这一点对我来说非常重要,它让我不会迷失在充满压力的灰色区域中,让我在工作做完后不去想业务和客。Three limits that I have set are:我设定的三个限制是:Breaks every hour. I usually work for about 45 minutes and then take a 15 minute break when I step away from the work and do something completely different.每个小时都要休息。我通常工作45分钟然后休息15分钟,停止工作,做一些完全不同的事情。Start and stop-times for work. I don’t work before 8 in the morning and I don’t work after 7 o clock in the evening.设定工作的开始和结束时间。早晨8点前和晚上7点后我都不会工作。I don’t work weekends. I usually check emails once per weekend just to see so there is not something truly important I have to attend to. But other than that I stay away from work over the weekend and spend time with my family, friends, a good book or movie or I do some other fun activity.周末不工作。 我经常会在周末查一下邮件看看有没有真正重要的事情需要注意一下。除此之外,我周末是不工作的。我在周末和家人、朋友一起玩,或看一本好书、一部电影或做其他有趣的事情。6. Be 10 minutes early for meetings.开会时早去10分钟。This is a very small habit but in my experience it can sure decrease the daily stress a whole lot.这是个非常小的习惯,但是以我的经验,它会减少大量的压力。For me it has transformed travel time during my day into relaxing breaks instead of passages of time and space that only up my levels of stress and other negative feelings.对我来说,它把我的出行时间转换成了休息的片刻,而不是成段的增加压力和其他负面情绪的时间和空间。7. Do email checking etc. as late in the day as possible.尽可能晚地去查看电子邮件I try to stay away from my inbox until the end of my workday. Doing my work this way helps me to have less distraction and to focus fully on creating new articles, newsletters and premium courses early in the day.我尽量在工作快结束时查看电子邮件。这样做能让我少分心,能让我在一天的早些时间里把注意力完全放在写新的文章、通讯稿和优质的课程上。This may not be possible for everyone of course. But see if you can do one or two hours of uninterrupted work on your most important tasks in the morning before checking your email.当然,这并不对每个人都适用。但是你可以试试,在查看邮件前能不能一两个小时无打扰地去做最重要的任务。8. Pack before you go to bed.在上床睡觉前把明天的东西准备好。You’ll be less stressed out in the morning and you are less likely to forget something.早晨你的压力就会减少, 你忘带东西的可能性也会降低。9. Aim to keep it very simple instead of creating drama or mountains out of molehills.目的是要简单,而不是要弄出戏剧性的事件或小题大做Drama, conflicts or creating mountains out of molehills can fill life with things that seem important and sometimes exciting. But those things will also suck up much of your time and energy and create stress and friction in your life.戏剧性的事件、冲突或小题大做能让生活充满着看似重要和让人兴奋的事情。但是那些事情会占用你大量的时间和精力,并让你的生活增加压力和擦。A few things that help me to avoid extra drama, conflicts or creating mountains are to ask myself these 3 questions when I am in a negative situation:有几件事能帮我避免额外的戏剧性的事件、冲突或小题大做。这就是当我处于不利的局面时,我会问自己这三个问题:Am I making a mountain out of a molehill right now? Will this matter in 5 years or even 5 weeks? How can keep things extremely simple in this situation?我现在是不是小题大做? 这件事5年后或甚至5周后还重要吗? 在这种情况下如何能让事情变得非常简单?10. When overcome with stress, just breathe.面对压力时,深呼吸When stressed, lost in a problem or the past or future in your mind breathe a little more deeply than usual and make sure you breathe with your belly. Do this for about 1-2 minutes.当有压力时,当迷失在脑海里的问题或沉迷于过去、未来时,比平常呼吸得深一些,确保用腹部呼吸。这样做1-2分钟。It will calm your body down and bring your mind back from future worries or past mistakes and into what is happening right here in the present moment again.它会让你的身体平静下来,让你从对未来的担忧或过去的错误中回过神来,把注意力集中在当前发生的事情上。 /201307/248769太仓友谊妇科医院人工流产怎么样好不好 Men found it twice as hard to guess a woman’s mood than a man’s after being shown pictures of people’s eyes and estimating how they were feeling, researchers found.研究人员让男性通过看照片中人的眼神来猜测他们的心思,结果发现,男性觉得猜女性的心思要比男性的难猜得多。However, the study showed that it is not because of men’s lack of trying - the male volunteers were given brain scans while they looked at the pictures, and the data suggested an unusual reason for the difficulty in ing women’s feelings.而且研究表明,之所以会这样并不是因为男人懒得去猜——通过对男性志愿者看照片时的大脑扫描发现,男性确实很难猜透女性的心思。When looking at male eyes, men related what they saw to themselves, with the parts of their brains linked to past thoughts and feelings lighting up, the Daily Mail reported.据《每日邮报》报道,志愿者在看男性的眼睛时,往往会联想到自己,大脑中相关过去的想法与情绪会随之调动起来。The study suggested that they understood what other men felt by remembering similar moments in their own lives, and then used them to evaluate the image, the researchers said.研究人员说,研究显示,通过联想自己类似的生活经历,男性能够理解同性的感受,并对照片中的人作出猜测。But when they looked at female eyes, the men were baffled, as their brains searched for memories of when they had seen another woman who looked similar to the image, and meant men found it harder to empathise with women’s feelings.但当他们看女性的眼神时,却变得摸不着头脑,大脑不断搜寻自己看过的其他类似女性神情,自然,这样男性就很难在情绪上跟女性产生共鸣。The scientists found that the amygdala, a part of the brain believed to be important for empathy with others, showed more activity when men looked at a man, rather than a woman.科学家还发现,人脑中的杏仁体对情感共鸣起着重要作用。因此,当男性观察男性时,这部分会很活跃;如果是观察女性则不会。The researchers, from the LWL University Hospital in Bochum, western Germany, said the male ability to decipher a woman#39;s thoughts from her expression relates to earlier periods of history when being able to tell what another man was thinking – and whether he posed a threat – was much more important.在德国波鸿市的LWL大学医院,研究人员发现,男性从表情揣女性心思的能力较差也和早期历史有关,对于那时候的男性们来说,能够猜到同性的想法进而判断他是否构成威胁,是更为重要的生存能力。Commenting on the results of the study, published in journal PLoS ONE, the researchers said: “As men were more involved in hunting and territory fights, it would have been important for them to be able to predict and foresee the intentions and actions of their male rivals.”研究人员说道:“因为男性更多从事狩猎和领土争夺 ,因此对他们而言,猜测并预计男性对手的动机和行动就显得非常重要。” 此项调查的结果已经发表在了《PLoS ONE》期刊上。 /201304/236558太仓友谊医院做药物流产多少钱

苏州市太仓保胎哪家医院最好的3SB,[email protected]~wh6From mastering the doggy paddle to hanging out of car windows, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Lautner and others tap into their animal instincts从掌握爬式到把头伸出窗外,莱昂纳多#8226;迪卡普里奥,泰勒#8226;洛特纳以及其他人都展现了他们的动物本能u3+LN8^8y(0O^aTAIR OUT THERELeave it to our furry friends to teach Leonardo DiCaprio one of life#39;s simple pleasures: the feel of the summer sun on your face.外面有空气让我们毛茸茸的朋友来教莱昂纳多#8226;迪卡普里奥一招生活中的简单快乐:夏日阳光打在你脸上的感觉|_iZuKy6Ho5D|d。0M2Qt3eO3gsQ~j!EBR+MJiGid9TfkNID|w%~~M[d]y[nh_ /201305/239970太仓经济开发区妇幼保健人民医院妇科咨询 沙溪镇妇幼保健人民医院医生在线咨询

浮桥镇人民妇幼中心医院看妇科好不好一对小孩,一棵树,青梅竹马中的男孩与女孩的小心思。 然而,由于历经成长这个复杂的过程,我们都曾错过彼此的心意。 电影开始时布莱斯亮晶晶的眼眸还没发现茱莉的美,一个如虹般绚丽的人。外公说:“有些人浅薄,有些人金玉其外败絮其中。”多么睿智的老人,一语点破生命的玄机。当梧桐被砍时,布莱斯没有站到茱莉的一边;当茱莉送鸡蛋时,布莱斯并没有接受这份好意,而是偷偷地将鸡蛋倒进了垃圾桶;当有人讽刺茱莉的智障叔叔时,布莱斯最终也只是附和地赞同了……当我喜欢你的时候,你并不喜欢我;而当我发现你那双曾经让我着迷的漂亮眼睛渐渐不再吸引我时,你却喜欢上了我。一句“她怎么可以和别人坐在那还笑得那么灿烂”,所有的嫉妒以及醋意都已经无法再掩饰其中的心意。是啊,有时候爱情就是如此的不凑巧。于千万人当中,在时间的无涯的荒野里,没有早一步,也没有晚一步,刚巧赶上了。 像所有初恋的故事,那些朦胧的情愫也曾经带给我们那么多的怦然心动。看到这部电影,心弦被轻轻地拨动了。整部电影纯净的就像夕阳下那颗高大的法国梧桐闪耀着最明亮的光辉。剧中那些轻轻拨动心弦的美丽台词:A painting is more than the sum of its parts. A cow by itself is just a cow. A meadow by itself is just grass, flowers. And the sun peeking through the trees is just a beam of light. But you put them all together and it can be magic.  一幅画不是众多物件简单拼凑而成的。牛只是一头牛,草地也只有青草和鲜花,而穿过树枝的阳光也仅仅只是一束光,但如果将它们放到一起,就会产生魔一般的魅力。    The higher I got, the more amazed I was by the view.  我爬得越高,眼前的风景便愈发迷人。 Sometimes a little discomfort in the beginning can save a whole lot of pain down the road.  有时起初的隐忍可以避免一路的疼痛。   Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss. But every once in a while you find someone who#39;s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.  有些人沦为平庸浅薄,金玉其外,而败絮其中。可不经意间,有一天你会遇到一个虹般绚丽的人,从此以后,其他人就不过是匆匆浮云。    Some days the sunsets would be purple and pink. And some days they were a blazing orange setting fire to the clouds on the horizon. It was during one of those sunsets that my father#39;s idea of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts moved from my head to my heart.  有时落日泛起紫红的余晖,有时散发出橘红色的火光燃起天边的晚霞。在这绚烂的日落景象中,我慢慢领悟了父亲所说的整体胜于局部总和的道理。The first day I met Bryce Loski, I flipped. It was those eyes, something in those dazzling eyes.  见到布莱斯#8226;罗斯基的第一天,我心动了。他的双眸有种魔力让我如痴如醉。    The next thing I know, he#39;s holding my hand and looking right into my eyes. My heart stopped. Was this it? Would this be my first kiss?  接下来,我所知道的就是,他紧紧握住我的手,与我深情对视。我的心跳停止了。就要来了吗?我的初吻就要来了吗?    Sherry Stalls was nothing but a whiny, gossipy, backstabbing flirt. All hair and no substance. And there she was holding hands with Bryce. My Bryce. The one who was walking around with my first kiss.  雪利#8226;斯道尔斯是个絮絮叨叨、阴险毒辣的长舌妇,头发长见识短。可她竟然牵起了布莱斯的手。那可是我的布莱斯!带着我的初吻到处招摇的布莱斯!    - And she#39;s been stalking me since the second grade.  - Well, a girl like that doesn#39;t live next door to everyone.  - 她从二年级起就老是缠着我。  - 这种女孩可是可遇不可求的。   One’s character is set at an early age. I#39;d hate to see you swim out so far you can#39;t swim back.  从小看到老,我可不愿看到你做边城浪子回不了头。    The way she talked about what it felt like to be up in that tree to be held above the earth, brushed by the wind. Who in junior high talks like that? This weird feeling started taking over in the pit of my stomach and I didn#39;t like it.  她说起那种置身树梢的感觉时说就像被高高举起,微风拂面。哪个初中生会说出这样的话呢?这种怪怪的感觉在我胃里翻腾,我不喜欢这种感觉。   The apple doesn#39;t fall far from the tree.  树上掉下的苹果它落的地离树能有多远?    And I realized Garrett was right about one thing: I had flipped. Completely.  我意识到加利特一件事是说对了:我心动了。完全心动了。 /201210/204806 太仓港口开发区妇幼保健人民医院预约四维彩超嘉定无痛人流手术哪家医院最好的



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